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The department also gathers economic and demographic data to measure the well-being of the economy, promotes U. exports, enforces international trade agreements, regulates the export of sensitive goods and technologies, and issues patents and trademarks.But then there are Commerce’s non-business duties, such as overseeing scientific data that helps forecast the weather and determine the health of the world’s oceans.The combined missions of the new department didn’t last long, as officials in Washington soon realized the need to have a federal agency that was exclusively devoted to promoting American business.

Controversies can be a result of the following: See also Never Live It Down, Colbert Bump, Dancing Bear, Just Here for Godzilla, Mainstream Obscurity, Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch, Watch It for the Meme, Ruined Forever, Contractual Purity, Music Is Politics, Yoko Oh No, Cowboy Be Bop at His Computer, All There Is to Know About "The Crying Game", Audience-Alienating Premise, and Tainted by the Preview.Sometimes may overlap with Bile Fascination, in which an audience is drawn towards a work because of their curiosity about the uproar.Keep in mind that, despite how it is usually used, "controversial" is not the same thing as "offensive." You can have a completely family-friendly and non-political work that still provokes dissent, especially if the work is aiming for realism.Altogether, Commerce maintains a fairly low profile in comparison to other cabinet-level departments, although that does not mean it is above causing controversy, especially when it involves the census or the issuing of patents.In January 2012, President Barack Obama announced his intention to restructure the DOC as part of a cost-cutting reorganization of the federal bureaucracy.

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