Dating goth girls

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I was keen to see how they’d adapt William Peter Blatty’s horror novel and 1970s movie, for a live stage production.

We weren’t allowed to shoot photos during the performance, so I’m doing my best impression of Regan, the little girl possessed by a demon (voiced by Sir Ian Mc Kellen.) The cast nailed their parts, especially during the battle against the evil spirit Pazuzu.

I love the alternative look of these Girardi Meredith hold-ups, especially when paired with a short black skirt and sweater.

The faux leather cuff at the top stays securely, and is decorated with an adorable bow. I’m accessorizing with a holographic Cyberdog backpack, and Moat House wood sunglasses. you know you’ve entered the den of the British Satanists!

(Click below to see where I got these items.) Tis the season… My go-to source is always UK Tights — they ship worldwide, and have the largest online selection of legwear, including fishnets, patterned and luxury hosiery.

The tearoom set the mood with black-and-white footage from Hitchcock’s Psycho.Established in 2016, The Satanic Temple’s mission is to “encourage benevolence and empathy among all people, to reject tyrannical authority, and to advocate practical common sense and justice.” The members are atheist, and advocate for fact-based science, and marginalized communities.Everyone I met at the event was kind and inclusive.Keep reading for details of these London Halloween bars, events and parties!But first, a peek at my Nightmare Before Xmas outfit.

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