Dating salalah

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That's Salalah's worst nightmare; ruining a girl's reputation.

Any girl who has 'talked' to a guy is socially considered a slut. Hey, did someone forget to mention that over 80% of girls in this town have had at least one 'secret' relationship? Girls and guys have decided to find their own life partner. It's so taboo that young people are forced to make it 'secret'.

Any young woman caught talking to a guy outside class was sent a warning note. I went to SQU with a team (consisting of men and women) and an administrator approached me (thinking I was a student) and told me to not walk around with guys and didn't I know the rules? You think young people are virtuous individuals who refuse contact with members of the opposite sex? How about the young YOUNG guys who get their hands on porn at the tender age of 12 or 13? Many parents in Salalah monitor their daughters' phones, to ensure they're not carrying on a relationship with a guy/several guys. There were no schools when they were young, so they're almost forgiven.Don't attack me here; I'm just writing about what I've experienced and seen and what I know. How about the relationships between men and women in Dhofar? Society in Salalah is extremely conservative, and by conservative I mean that until very recently (10 years?) men almost never saw any women who weren't very close relatives. Women stay at home, and whenever any woman (over the age of about 18) goes out, she has the *face veil* on.But these were real guys who went to class with them! The game was to figure out who went by which nickname in chatrooms.They wasted so much time, but it was exciting for them. Of course, through these chatrooms, there was attraction.

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