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Goshey and Keondrae Brown, the group's youngest members at 14 years old, had 27 and 20 arrests, respectively. Speaking at a news conference on Monday, Gualtieri said the county had 'a serious problem and something else needs to happen,' before proposing that the boys should face more serious charges, such as murder.

Keondrae Brown and Kaigler are being held at a juvenile center for a maximum of 21 days and are both accused of grand theft auto.

Keontae Brown's younger brother Keondrae, 14, was also in the car but survived after the vehicle was launched into the air before bursting into flames in Palm Harbor, Florida on Sunday morning.

They were allegedly playing a 'cat-and-mouse' game with Kamal Campbell, 18, and Deyon Kaigler, 16, who were in a second stolen car, police said.

Keontae Brown, 16, Jimmie Goshey, 14, and Dejarae Thomas, 16, died after allegedly racing a stolen car through a red light going 100mph and smashed into another car.Between the six teens, they had 126 arrests The teens were allegedly playing a 'cat-and-mouse' game when they raced one of the stolen cars through a red light going 100mph and smashed into another car before bursting into flames.Pictured: Wreckage of the horrific crash Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri was frustrated with the city's juvenile system after disclosing the teens' extensive criminal record that included several auto theft charges, reported the Tampa Bay Times.Campbell, the eldest of the boys, had a total of 27 arrests dating back to 2013 on charges that included armed robbery, cocaine possession and grand theft.Kaigler had 20 arrests, Thomas had 15, and Keontae Brown had 16 arrests.

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