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"The Gong Show," an upside-down talent contest and trash-can vaudeville show, was a not entirely ironic parade of ineptitude and cheek, in which mediocrity was not always distinguishable from cleverness.(It was named, appropriately, for the very thing that signified losing.)Its anarchic impudence also felt timely.Though superficially couched in the verities of love and marriage, "The Newlywed Game," which debuted the following year, was the harbinger of an age of confessional openness, in which people would go on television to talk, and sometimes fight, about anything.In these series, Barris planted the seeds of reality television — what is "The Bachelor," after all, but a blown-out version of "The Dating Game"?

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A few shows in different genres filled out his TV résumé. He wrote books, including a sequel to "Dangerous Minds” titled "Bad Grass Never Dies" (2004).

But by 1980, after the Barris-directed "The Gong Show Movie" — which he co-wrote with underground filmmaker Robert Downey Sr. "The Dating Game" and "The Newlywed Game" and "The Gong Show" returned and left and returned again, but with different hosts, under different corporate colors. "I've created hit TV shows," he told The Times in 2002, “but nothing has been great. It's just middle-of-the-road greatness."But if a game show might be said to achieve the quality of a classic – and also a kind of classicism – he has three to his name, each in its own way looking toward the past and pointing toward the future, each revealing how absurd and entertaining it is to be human among humans.

The truth was that back when he was the Jerry Springer of his day, he couldn’t stomach being attacked for doing something he considered harmless. “I think ‘The Dating Game’ and ‘The Newlywed Game’ began the momentum for what eventually became ‘Fear Factor,’ ‘The Jerry Springer Show,’ ‘Joe Millionaire,’ and so on.” Added Barris, “But if I wasn’t there, somebody else would have been.” Simeon Booker, intrepid chronicler of civil rights struggle for Jet and Ebony, dies at 99 ' data-credit="Fred Sweets/The Washington Post" data-image="https:// Post/2017/12/10/Obituaries/Images/BOOKER0141461872341.jpg?

Many point to Barris’s television output as a precursor today’s reality landscape with shows like “America’s Got Talent” and “American Idol.” “I think anything would have been possible without my shows,” Barris told A. env=A" data-max-width="2678" data-ratio="1.504" data-title=" Simeon Booker" data-uuid="88f273c0-ddcf-11e7-8679-a9728984779c"Marianne Means, political columnist and trailblazing White House correspondent, dies at 83 ' data-credit="Francis Miller/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images" data-image="https:// Post/2017/12/05/Others/Images/2017-12-03/Getty Images-50543736.jpg?

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