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But despite spending 'weeks' crying alone into her pillow, she has come through the split feeling stronger than ever, plowing her time into work to fend off depression.

Joanna Krupa told Daily she cried for weeks when her ex husband Romain Zago asked for a divorce.

The only time he went outside his small, one bedroom apartment was to go to work and get some groceries.He ripped her clothes off and shoved his cock inside of her. Hyde was slamming his cock into the obnoxious teen when Fez came in.Kevin looked at the screen and said, “If Fez had any balls he’d join in.You never know what life can bring.' 'It's just that certain things in a relationship that don't necessarily work out': Krupa said she and Romain Zago (pictured leaving court in Miami after officially signing divorce papers) respect the ten years they shared as a couple She added: 'I would love to have a boy and a girl - that is my dream.'Polish-born Krupa says she is solely 'focused' on work for the moment, adding that her inner-strength comes from her childhood when she and her family emigrated from Poland to move to the US.'I helped raised my sister so I think I just grew with thick skin and no matter what, I think I'll be okay, she said, adding: 'I think I'm tougher than anything right now and I'm unbreakable right now.'Krupa has previously said she lost seven pounds after the split, enduring the 'worst Christmas imaginable'.But the star says working with animals on a TV show in her native Poland helped keep her mind off it.

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