Questionnaires selecting translating and validating

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Reproducibility (test – retest reliability) was measured by the kappa correlation coefficient.

Criterion validity was calculated for selected parts of the questionnaire by correlating respondents' research experience with relevant research item scores.

The first of these scales (A) asked respondents to assess how important the task was to their job, providing an overall occupational profile.

The second scale (B) was a self-assessment of respondents' current performance level of the task, providing an index of skill.

Recently, as part of a state commissioned study, this tool has also been successfully translated and validated in Indonesia, a heavily populated, multicultural developing country with great deficit in nursing workforce [].

Section A consisted of 30 items within the following five superordinate categories: research/audit, communication and teamwork, administrative/technical, management/supervisory and clinical.

All 30 items had to be rated along four seven-point ordinal scales.

First, it would further confirm or dispute the emerging occupational profile of nursing staff from the first survey carried out in Crete having used the newly developed instrument "Assessment of Nursing Practices and Needs in Primary Health Care" [].

Second, it would allow for information exchange with colleagues and professional organizations from other countries, especially EU members, in order to plan joint continuing education courses and professional development opportunities for nurses, midwives and health visitors.

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