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In fact, you can use the power of Windows Power Shell to manipulate your Outlook appointments however you see fit.

If you find a particular way of working with the data that you like, you can copy the function to your new script and use it there.

Put another way, here is a script you wrote to work with Microsoft Outlook calendar appointments, and it probably would have received a 2 in the 2011 Scripting Games.

—SH Hello SH, Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. I do not always floss my teeth every day, I do not always exercise an hour every day, I occasionally drink coffee, and have even been known to eat a pizza.

Refer to the Automatically Add Comment-Based Help to Your Power Shell Scripts Weekend Scripter blog for the Add-Help function and its use.

The complete Help portion of the function is shown here.

The complete Get-Outlook Calendar function is shown here.I could reduce the number of blogs that I write, and maybe only publish one a week.I could then spend the time to implement robust error handling, return objects from functions, implement comment-based Help, and the like.After you have loaded the function, you can use “normal” Windows Power Shell cmdlets to manipulate the data.The largest portion of the Get-Outlook Calendar function is the comment-based Help. This is because I used my Add-Help function that I added to my Windows Power Shell ISE profile.

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