Updating symantec antivirus server

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Most of the actual content of this file is not important, as it is not serving up information for a “production” domain.(You need to be much more careful with an actual domain!While you could add domains directly into the named.conf, an include statement lets you place all of the blocked domains in a single file, which will make the file portable and easier to replace.

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Many corporations deploy an internal DNS server for use on their Local Area Network, usually to provide name resolution for internal hosts or to speed up browsing by locally caching DNS queries .Instead of querying an upstream DNS server for the answer, your local DNS server believes it is a “master” for the “coolwebsearch.com” domain.It will therefore “answer” any queries for a host within that domain with or whatever IP address you placed in the zone file.Debian and other Linux distros already have a file called “local” so we’ll use that as an example.Make sure the file is located in the same working directory as the file or add the full path to the file (such as /etc/namedb/local or /etc/bind/local).

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